LRNI Services

LRNI offers premium RFID products and services designed to enhance commercial enterprise processes such as mobile asset management, facility security, quality control, inventory tracking, restricted access, distribution center management, process time/cost management, personnel identification, item location certification/monitoring, process operating efficiency and many more.

LRNI has developed the unique RFID NETWORK INSTALLATION METHODOLOGY process of RFID network design, engineering, manufacturing,development, and implementation.  Our systems offer you:

  • RTLS - Real Time Location System with 24/7 tag event monitoring.
  • Mobile Asset Management.
  • Inventory Supply and Control.
  • Employee Identification, Location, and Access.
  • Manufacturing Process Time and Output.
  • Shipping and Receiving Ingress and Egress.
  • Item Identification and Tracking.
  • Quality Control.
  • Facility Control, Security, and Access.
  • Rapid Return on Investment (cuts expenses and increases profit as soon as implemented).

RTLS in Action on a Manufacturing Assembly Line

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