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LRNI, located in Vidalia, Georgia, is a leader in the rapidly evolving RFID industry, specializing in the design, development, manufacturing and implementation of active RFID systems and products.  Incorporated in 2002 as Lean RF Network, Inc., LRNI is working with the world’s leading manufacturers of active RFID technologies in setting the standards that others will follow.  Experience in the integration and real-world implementation of active tracking systems, combined with their patented state-of-the-art antenna technology has given LRNI the ability to overcome the challenges associated with sequencing active RFID tags in close proximity and single floor coverage in multi-floor facilities.  The following are some of our clients and partners.


Meadows Regional Medical Center of Vidalia, Georgia, was established in 1963 on 22 acres of land donated by A.H. Meadows, the son of Dr. John M. Meadows, the first physician in Toombs County.  With new facilities, the expansion of our medical community and additions to our services, Meadows Regional Medical Center is a pioneer among not-for-profit community hospitals.  Our extensive range of services includes Critical Care, Maternity and Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Sleep Medicine and Cardiac Catherterization as well as 24-hour emergency care.

Meadows Regional Medical Center is a 122-bed JCAHO accredited facility providing acute and long-term care.  Meadows was recognized, in 2002, by the Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals as the Hospital of the Year.  In 1999, Meadows Regional was named a Top 100 Regional Hospital by HCIA- Sachs.  LRNI and MRMC are working together to provide the best care for patients and a great working environment for staff.  With LRNI’s Superior Asset Vision (SAV) RFID tracking system and Radio Frequency Integration Platform/I> (RFIP) in place, staff will be provided real-time visibility for critical care equipment, asset/patient location and medical information at the click of a mouse with our Monarch Software Application.


Agility Healthcare Solutions is headed by two former McKesson executives who have introduced a revolutionary business model that is transforming the way healthcare facilities track, manage, measure and improve utilization of all resources including medical equipment and surgical instruments while improving staff workflow and patient throughput.

Agility's solutions are the first to be designed specifically for the healthcare industry and the first to feature dedicated operational support services to optimize business processes, monitor and measure cost reductions, and identify equipment utilization improvement opportunities.  Agility's solutions improve workflow and business processes and include patient tracking and surgical services throughput optimization.

Agility is based in Richmond, Virginia and operates as a subsidiary of mobile asset management company TrenStar Inc. that serves clients including Carlsberg UK, Coors Brewers Limited, Kraft and Goodyear.  Agility has delivered the largest RFID-enabled mobile asset management program in the U.S. healthcare industry which LRNI has been involved in since October of 2003.  LRNI has supplied over 1,000 of their patented antennae to this project.  LRNI is currently assisting with Wi-Fi and RFID verification.


TrenStar is the first company to offer mobile asset management. From the start in 2001, our singular mission has been to buy, track and manage high-value containers for customers throughout asset-intensive industries.

We offer one complete outsourced solution that combines asset acquisition, tracking technology including RFID and a variety of management services, all for a per-use fee. TrenStar is also the first company to offer this combination of technology and services to support the pooling of common, non-strategic containers and other mobile assets. Customers include Bon Secours Richmond Health System, Legacy Health System, and Presbyterian Healthcare Services. LRNI assisted TrenStar to provide the necessary coverage with LRNI’s patented antennae for their medical asset tracking project at three major medical centers (Bon Secours) in Richmond, Virginia.


"The Leader in Innovative Moving Products"

Tyga-Box Systems, Inc, is the leading U.S. company in developing innovative new products for office moving. Our main product, “The Tyga-Box System,“ is a patented system of integrated plastic boxes and dollies for moving files folders and other contents,. It makes churn and relocation moving safer—you never lift a box unless it’s empty—and faster—because boxes are packed and moved in the right order for unpacking.

LRNI and Tyga-Box have been working together on several projects. One of which stacked Tyga-Boxes can be read leaving warehouses and being loaded on trucks with LRNI’s antennas.


Quest Solutions is a leading provider of handheld and wireless systems. We extend current IT infrastructure and applications to the mobile workforce. Customers in Distribution, Manufacturing, Logistics and Retail use Quest Solutions to improve profits, increase efficiencies and manage inventories.

We have offices and sales associates conveniently close to major customers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta and Boston. Quest's employees have the real world experience of installing and integrating systems for hundreds of customers. Quest also operates two distribution and repair facilities, providing a fast and reliable response.

We design and integrate systems based on fast ROI and helps customers become cash flow positive quickly by using leasing, renting, and finding value for trade-in equipment. Quest can also provide low-cost refurbished hardware that is compatible with customers' existing network and software infrastructure. This extends the life of current systems while enjoying increased operational efficiencies.

As a single source for prompt service and repair of barcode and data-collection systems, Quest is able to support all major brands of equipment affordably and quickly. Quest's ability to source parts for older equipment allows for quality, timely repairs long after vendors have discontinued support.

LRNI and Quest are participating in several projects together at the present time.


The IPICO technology team’s roots in RFID can be traced back to the early 1990s at South Africa’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). Work at the CSIR involved the development of classified technology for military applications.

Since these early days, the primary focus of the technology team and later the company has been the perfection of our exclusive RFID platform, the development of proof-of-concept implementations and the formation of key relationships.

Based on these achievements and on a critical mass of market readiness for RFID we are now securely in the second phase of our history. We are building the partner network needed to commercialize our superior technology and become a truly dominant RFID player. We are rolling out feasible applications with significant ROI across a wide range of verticals.

LRNI team is working closely with IPICO in many different industries to bring the best solution to the customer now and in the future.

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